I just died in your arms tonight

I have to resist the temptation to start posting a lot of cat things. But this one..  I just HAVE to post it. Watching this video did not only make me laugh, tears included, but it also somehow made me happy. Honestly, very happy. Behold, the king of cats from the 80’s.
Edit: Turns out I like to come back and rewatch this video. Turns out this video can make me happy whenever I’m sad.

New toy to play with! ZeroShell

Recently I came across ZeroShell which is a firewall/router package that seems to be able to do everything I need. So after trying a virtual machine trial setup I decided to wipe the dust of an older physical workstation I had laying around and fired it up and ZeroShell runs great on it. I’m now going through the configuration and I’m guessing it won’t be long until I will implement it in the rest of my LAN.

World of Warcraft addons that I like and recommend for Legion

I love the fact that the game World of Warcraft allows and provides the option to use addons. I especially love the ones that let me customize the User Interface to my own liking. I run a reasonable amount of addons and I will list the most important ones in a list below. Some players believe that an experienced wow player (I like to think of myself as one of those) doesn’t need addons to play. And there’s some truth in that of course. But it’s not that I nééd them, I just prefer them because they bring some extra things in to the game that I like. So if you are one of those people, screw you and have fun looking at that same UI for more time to come. So here’s the list of my most important addons.

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Celebrate Life

I just saw this video below and I found it to be very positive and inspiring. It’s about a company I “stumbled upon” about 20 years ago, and eventually it transformed in to something more meaningful than “just a company I knew of”. It’s difficult to describe. Let’s just say I’m thankful and proud that I had the privilege to be part of a very unique youth culture that did not last very long but will always be a part of me for as long as I live. This part of my life was really interesting for me personally because of various reasons. I will be sharing more on that at some other time.

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Some loving words and appreciation towards Blizzard

I haven’t been playing the new World of Warcraft expansion Legion as much as I thought I would before it was released due to even less important activities that have been taking up most of my time. Writing this post for example might be one those things. I’m even falling behind on some of my friends and guildies! What the f is wrong with me? Can somebody please check my priorities algorithms? They feel a bit fragmented..
In all honesty, I don’t really care all that much about falling a bit behind, I’ll catch up sooner or later. It’s more that I just really want to continue doing all the stuff that is on my in-game ToDo list and the new quests, obtain new achievements, and try to earn some prestige in the new PvP system, but it all feels a bit overwhelming to be honest. After such a long dry period of interesting content all these new things are a big change. Still getting used to that. Currently I’m trying to focus on finishing the paladin quest-lines, and my progressing profession quests. But I also want to obtain friendly reputation with all of the newly added factions because I want to be able to do world quests asap. I believe that so far I’ve put the most effort in to obtaining some of the new honor talents. Too bad they only work in PvP environments. But it gave me some nice random rewards in the form of gear that helped me gain the item level I need for HC Dungeons. Now that I mention it, I want to do more dungeons also because of the rewards but also just for fun. But when I hear that friends and guildies are already raiding I feel that I should put some effort in gaining a higher item-level so I can join in on that fun also. Currently I feel like pfffff omg, SO MANY THINGS TO DOO!! So frustrating! But at the same time not frustrating at all because this is what we wanted and been begging for so I shouldn’t be bitching about it.

Not knowing what do first or where to go next in the game feels 5 % frustrating and at the same time 95% exciting and that’s what I’ve been missing in the game for far too long. I believe one should give credit where credit is due so I hereby declare that I’m loving the new Legion expansion, and I /salute the designers at Blizzard and want to give them my compliments. Also I say this; thank you Blizzard for showing us that you still care, and that there’s still love between the WoW community and the game designers. Even after everything you did… Even after everything we did… I bet our whining and moaning got the best of you and you decided to make a fresh start so you rolled up those sleeves and got to work! Well, we noticed it, and it made us happy, so now we’re all one happy family again. Just like the old days. Now doesn’t that feel nice? Let’s promise each other that we will try to keep what we have going on right now for ever and ever, for ever, and ever ever…. ?

Fear the Walking Dead vs The Walking Dead

Most people know or have heard about the series The Walking Dead. If you’ve never heard of it you must have been living your life under a rock or in a virtual game-world for too long or something. I enjoyed that show because it was something I never saw before in the form of a series. I must say that I didn’t really care for all of the seasons so far. The season in the prison became boring as f pretty fast. But nevertheless it’s a good watch, especially to binge-watch it, but in my opinion, Fear The Walking Dead is much, much better. It’s the same background setting as TWD but much earlier in the timeline. When the infection was still spreading around and people fleeing and creating safe zones. It has so much more excitement and tension, but also the characters are really well profiled individually. The actors also do a pretty good job at their performances. I would give Fear The Walking Dead an 8 and The Walking Dead a 7 out of 10. It’s halfway season 2 now so it’s not too late to hop on board en join the zombie sensation.

Fighting as a snowman in PvP BG during WoD Season III

If you are a World of Warcraft player and know your stuff a bit than you will probably see the fun in this video. If not then please carry on, there’s nothing to see here. Completely by accident I found out that it’s possible to be transformed in to a snowman, but still be able to move around. Normally when you use this common toy then you are also transformed but unable to move. I thought this was pretty hilarious and I wish I saw the real faces of the enemy players when they first saw me hoppin’ around on the battlefield. I’m pretty sure they never saw that before or at least not often. I laughed my ass of when I recorded this. Doing this requires the help of another player by the way, and that player will have to have some snowballs in their inventory since the toy requires one snowball to work that is consumed when using the toy.

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Ironman achievement in WSG BG WoW

Well this achievement only took me several years to get lol. A fair dosage of luck plays a big role in getting this achievement. I already gave up on getting it on my pally. But then, one hot Sunday afternoon, when least expected, I earned the famous Ironman Achievement. I really have the healer that accompanied me to thank for it because without those heals I would have never made it. Since then I also earned the Master of Warsong Gulch meta achievement. I was pretty proud of myself when I got that so excuse my bragging about it here.

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Ret Paladin in PvP Battleground WoD Season III

This is just some random battleground PvP gameplay I recorded somewhere during Warlords of Draenor Season III. To be honest I still miss the way the game-play was for my ret paladin. Overal I’m always happy or don’t even care at all what Blizzard changes in the game but this time I was really annoyed and pretty upset. Now that I think back I realize I still feel a bit annoyed. Ret pala was so awesome to play in PvP during Warlords of Draenor. RIP!

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