Fresh Meat

Finally!! I’ve found a new show to binge. It’s been a while since I did some serious binging. Might be weeks, perhaps even months! Hallelujah Netflix, praise you internet, thank you mother Data for bringing me Fresh Meat. British shows always need a bit more time to warm up to. I believe this is because British shows usually choose to let the viewers get acquainted with the characters because that builds a solid foundation to write episodes for. At the very beginning I didn’t think Fresh Meat would become as entertaining as it turns out to be, or has become, or whatever. I’m a big fan of the Dutch girl Sabine who is as Dutch as Dutch can be. my favorite quote: “maja kan jou natuurlijk geen reet schelen”. The show digests easily, and I noticed that at the end of season one I started enjoying it more and more. I’m mid season 2 now and I’m préétty certain I’ll be hitting season four tomorrow. I also rate this show an extra thumbs up as it is perfect media to consume on a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon especially when hungover thumbs-up

Update: I’ve laughed myself to tears at least once per episode. This is not a show where the jokes that don’t make you laugh are fired as salvo at you with some laughing people soundfile on the background. These jokes come and grab you by the tits out of nowhere and when you think of them more they become even more funny. Also I’ve been smoking some weed but I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with it.

Adèle Bloemendaal: Eens wil ik er van af zijn

Oh my god this show is depressing. My advice is: don’t watch it! But if you’re like me and take that sort of advice as an incentive to actually watch it, well try to see what the maker did here, an amazing job, but like I just said, it’s really depressing. I just finished watching it and I will now go to bed and cry myself to sleep, hopefullly. Good luck!

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Asperger’s are us (2016)

Having known, and perhaps even still knowing several people with Asperger’s syndrome, made me realise that there a several things on the list of symtoms that make up the spectrum that I also recognize in myself. But the list is pretty diverse and I belive that almost every person out there will recognize certain things from the list in their own behaviour. Growing older, and of course mainly becoming wiser, I like to think that I’ve created a pretty sharp eye that is capable of making a diagnose that is not at all based on studies and knowlegde or experience, but just my gut speaking. Fortunately for me the things that my gut informs me about are correct. Or at least, It’s more often correct than incorrect. That actually helped me to build up my levels of confidence while growing up. I have no idea where I’m going with this by the way. I just wanted to make a quick, short writing, about something that I personally found very good, and felt like sharing it. It’s a docu on netflix and it’s called Asperger’s Are Us (2016). It follows a group of four young Asperger’s who perform a fun show in their country that is lso mostly about autism. That on itself I found interesting but what I found the most enjoyable about it was that it was heartwarming.