Tony Award for Starlight Express (1987)

When I was a little kid my parents used to travel to England about once a year to visit my godmother who lived in one of those old English houses that can be called castles. I don’t mean a big house like a castle I mean an actual castle like in Downton Abbey, but not as big as that though. God I miss that place. It was the best, it was awesome, it was great. It was a play-garden for me as kid because every time I came there I had new things to discover. The name of the house was Heronden Hall, and it’s actually the one you see on the picture. You can image what an adventure those trips were for me. It was like a paradise for a innocent kid with too much imagination. On one of these trips my godmother took us to see the show Starlight Express in the Apollo Theater. It was back then the coolest thing I ever saw. It’s a memory that will stay with me until my last breath. Truth be told, it doesn’t look as glamorous on the video below as it did back then. But you gotta admit, it’s still pretty awesome even for today’s standards.

Short video about gaming addiction

The following video is about video game addiction. I used to be really addicted to World of Warcraft and there have been days that I played literally days on end. And I mean like 12 hours a day. Nowadays I don’t play as much as I used to back then, and that’s a good thing because other things in life are more important. But having said that, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the last decade without the World of Warcraft because it has given me soo much more besides just an awesome gaming experience. The community and my friends are what kept this game interesting enough for me the last 11 years. There’s no denying that it has become, and always will be an important part of me because of all the good memories. Love you all! For the Alliance!! But, in all hionesty, and I speak from experience, there is of course the addictive part that should not be forgotten. So people, play, but keep it fun.

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The Jim Jefferies Show

The very great Jim Jefferies has got his own late night show now called The Jim Jefferies Show. In the very first episode our little country the Netherlands get’s a lot of attention. I will let you decide wether that’s positive or negative. (Don’t forget the great good while you watch it and happen to be Dutch also). The show just aired so I haven’t been able to find a stream that you can watch yet, but of course it can be downloaded by using torrent here. (tip: use μTorrent to downloading torrents).