The real purpose of the ancient pyramids

I’ve been fascinated by the pyramids, and ancient cultures in general, since I was a kid. Especially the pyramids I found fascinating because I’ve always felt that there was more to them as just a burial spot for farao’s. It didn’t make sense to me to spend so many years and all their resources on building a structure that would only be used to bury one VIP. Over the years I’ve heard plenty of theories about the pyramids. Some of them plausible, others totally ridiculous. One of the theories that I remembered was that the pyramids had been built as a source of power, in the form of electricity. Recently more and more people are getting behind this theory and are finding new proof to support it. It’s almost undeniable when you listen to a lot of reasonable arguments and look at all the evidence. Seems to me as if the pieces of the puzzle are slowly falling in to place. What do you believe yourself? Are you skeptical? Have a look at the following video that is just one of many others that have recently been posted on Youtube about this subject.

True Pyramids Purpose Has Been Finally Discovered

Here’s a very similar video that is a bit longer but it shows more details.

Alex Jones Rants as an Indie Folk Song

With all the news surrounding Alex Jones there are a lot of discussions going around about the subject freedom of speech and the influence and power of the big internet corporations. One of these discussions was in the Joe Rogan podcast and that’s where they pointed out that this video exists. If you know Alex Jones it might be funny to you. If you never heard of Alex Jones, don’t bother getting to know him. Most of what he says is toxic.

The War Show 2017 (2doc)

Please forget about your worries for the day and have a look at the following documentary that was aired on national public Dutch television the day before yesterday. You can watch it when you click on “Read more”. The read more button should be visible below here somewhere. If you manage to find it, then CLICK IT! Just do it, it’s your duty. Make sure you watch it till the very end.

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Time flies when you’re geeking out

I’ve been really busy these last few weeks setting up all sorts of IT related things since I moved to a new home with a 500 mbps fiber connection to the mother-milk-tit we call the internet. I was really getting into learning all there is to know about the 100% free Sophos UTM for Home use. But when I messed up the whole configuration and basically broke it, I decided to forget about Sophos for now and rent my server from a third party in stead of hosting everything myself. I wish I’d done that sooner. All they gave me was a fresh Ubuntu installation and root access through SSH, but that’s all you need really. So I had some fun setting up that server as a webhost with a solid free admin panel. I’m not hosting any big websites or major content. Just some personal sites and a testlab environment that I consider like my personal playground, but for grown-ups.
I also built three game servers. One for Counter-Strike 1.6, one for CS:Source and one for CS:GO. Basic administration for these are done by a pretty descent free admin panel called Bright Game Panel. Also I host a website that will retrieve the game server log files and convert them in to readable stats and shows them nicely on a website running a HLstats clone.
Also a internet radio station that I setup is now live on air for 24/7 and it plays house music from between 1996 and 2006. Mostly the harder styles like techno, hardstyle and hardcore.
The thing that took me a the most effort was to set up was a VPN server on this remote linux server that has no desktop environment. This is pretty easy to setup if you decide to use OpenVPN but the thing is that I don’t want to be forced in using separate client sotware on my workstation/laptop. I wanted to be able to use the windows built-in options to create a VPN connenction. Eventually I managed to get it to work after many hours of reading through forums and such, but I can now safely connect to my remote server and administrate it without the need to open all sorts of exotic ports to it.
Last thing I want to build is a server at a different address that will mirror all the sites I host including the databases so that means I will have to read up a bit more on how to use the replicate function that MySQL offers. Work in progress!
I plan to post additional information about the things I’ve been working on on this website that can be considered as step-by-step guides that everybody is free to use for themselves. But this has lower priority for me right now because next to all my little projects I also want to play some more of the new expansion Legion for World of Warcraft. It was released not long ago and everybody is making progress pretty fast and I don’t want to fall behind tóó far. I’m already behind in the sense that I’m not yet able to join groups for raiding so one of my in-game priorities is to gather better gear so my item-level will be acceptable so that I can join groups and experience the new raid content.
So many things to do, so little… oh no wait I have plenty of time. Perhaps I should stop right here and now with writing for this silly blog of mine and start focusing on what I’ve been writing about.