NetData Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu 16.04

I like to keep a monitoring eye on my servers, as most people who manage servers do. I have one central server that monitors the others. I choose to use a central server so the other ones don’t have to use any extra resources. But now I found a tool that can be run on every linux based server with SNMP, that barely uses any resources. And it shows a shitload of real-time graphs. Since I like graphs, and stats, and figures, a lot, I decided to install it on a test server. I was surprised how much information it will show you. It’s an awesome tool in my opinion! It shows graphs about literally everything that is going on with your server. There’s several functioning demo’s that show what it can do and what it looks like. So go there and see for yourselves:

If you like what you saw on the demo pages and decided to try this out for yourself, here’s some really simple instructions that will only cost you five minutes of your time. Click the Read More link below to view the rest of this article.

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